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We know you arrived on this page expecting to find a questionnaire to complete, however during and after pregnancy your body is in a constant state of change, which makes it difficult to measure your 'typical' hormonal status.

Once you stop breastfeeding, it's time to start thinking about balancing your hormones and getting your cycle back on track—at which point taking our Hormone Questionnaire is a great first step. In the meantime, read on to find out about postpartum depletion and nourishing your postpartum body. 

Postpartum Health: What You Need to Know

The female body is incredible—you have been able to create, grow, and nourish another human life! 

Now, it's time to talk about you and your postpartum health.

Creating life is incredible, and like everything worthwhile, it isn't easy. It is a demanding task on your body and requires high quantities of essential nutrients which means that mothers can often end up nutrient-depleted leading to fatigue and weakened immunity.

Sleep deprivation, nutrient deficiencies, and a busy, stressful life creates the perfect storm to knock our hormones out of balance. This is incredibly common, and the good news is there's plenty of simple, everyday things you can do to support your body in finding its balance again.

Postnatal Depletion

Key nutrients that are often depleted during pregnancy include zinc, B12, B9, Iodine, Selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA, and specific amino acids. For optimal health and hormonal balance, we want to get these nutrients back to optimal levels as soon as possible.

In an ideal world we would be able to replenish all the nutrients we are lacking through food alone. However, in the modern world we live in, this is almost impossible due to modern farming techniques and depleted soils. Our food of today is just not as nutrient-dense as it used to be. A quality, bioavailable multivitamin combined with a nutritious, wholesome diet is the best way to replenish nutrient stores for health fast. 

How to Nourish Your Postpartum Body

Nutrients are the building blocks for our hormones and overall health and wellness. It is vital, especially now, that women are nourished with the daily essential nutrients needed to recover and replenish their stores. Remember, what's good for mum is also good for baby. Prioritising your health is a win, win! 

Wondering What To Eat?

When you're trying to prioritise the health of you and your family, it can all feel a little overwhelming. We've put together some of our favourite BePure recipes to make meals that are quick, delicious, and nutritious. 

Talk to an expert

Not sure which product is right for you? Jump on the phone and talk to our friendly Nutritional Support Team on 0800 52 54 52 or send them an email for a quick response.

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